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We foster independence while building skills.

At Bright Star Adult Day Services, we understand the importance of fostering independence and enhancing the lives of our clients. Our skill building program is designed to empower your loved ones, ensuring they maintain their abilities and continue to learn and grow, all within a supportive and engaging environment.

Our skilled and caring team believes that every resident, regardless of age or condition, can benefit from skill development. Through tailored activities and personalized attention, we encourage your loved one to not only maintain but also improve their daily living skills. Whether it’s participating in creative projects, engaging in physical activities, or enjoying interactive sessions, they can kept active. Our program is designed to stimulate the mind and body. Even for those with dementia, we provide specialized activities like music therapy and simple yet enjoyable experiences, ensuring they remain surrounded by friends and a sense of belonging. With our skill building program, we aim to delay or prevent the need for long-term residential care. We offer a fulfilling and vibrant alternative that focuses on your loved one’s well-being and continued growth.

Here are the services we provide:

  • Language Skills
  • Social Skills/Training
  • Group Discussions
  • Games
  • Puzzles
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